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Sad Boy

Remember Geron Nord?  I called your attention to him a month or so ago and received an overwhelming response. Well, actually, one response.  He is a model from Australia, and quite obviously the saddest boy in the world. OK, that's not true. I mean, the "model from Australia" part is true, but I don't know how sad he is. I don't know if he's even sad at all.  Here's the thing: people have a public face and a private face.  All I know about Geron is what I can glean from his Instagram and the public parts of himself that he shares there.  If you scroll though his Instagram feed you will find a few pictures of him with something approaching a smile on his face, but mostly he looks like he was recently forced to shoot Old Yeller. Models in professional photos almost always sport a scowl, a pout, or a blank expression, but he seems sad right down to the soul. Haunted. It's in the eyes. Is Geron sad? Is his outward sadness simply an affectation?  Or... yo…

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